terça-feira, janeiro 13, 2004

Já está esclarecida a causa dos erros de JavaScript que surgiam ao aceder ao "Estarreja Efervescente": o sistema de comentários BlogSpeak deixou de funcionar devido a dificuldades económicas do seu autor. É com pena que encaro esta notícia (que não se sabe ainda se será definitiva), sobretudo porque ela significa que se poderão perder os comentários que já existiam nesta página. De qualquer modo, eu tenho-os todos guardados no meu disco duro, pelo que a perda não é total...

Eis o epitáfio que estava na página do BlogSpeak (é a primeira página que aparece se escreverem BlogSpeak no google):

"BlogSpeak is currently down because the bastards that host it decided to suspend my account. I do not know as of yet when this situation will be resolved. If you don't want any JavaScript errors on your pages, take the code off for the time being. If you're pissed off because your comments don't work, I would be too. Believe me, I'm not too happy about my account being suspended either. I do have a backup of the DB from an hour before the suspension occurred. So if the server comes back up, or I have to get a new server, of even pass the duties of maintaining BlogSpeak off to someone else, everything will be in tact.

If you'd like to donate to the cause of most likely having to move hosting to a new locale, click here. If you have tons of extra bandwidth and storage available, and would be willing to host BlogSpeak, or take over all BlogSpeak duties entirely, email me and I'll tell you what it would entail.

BlogSpeak will also soon become open source, with both personal and server editions available. Those of you with your own servers running PHP & MySQL will be able to run comments on your own server instead of relying on one controlled by a building full of douchebags. Also, those of you with the brains and braun that want to start your own commenting service will have a good start with the server edition.

Thanks for your patience during this time, and I apologize for this bullshit."

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